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Thanks for visiting my site. The purpose of this website is to document my musical activities during my "2nd life" ; the 70s and the first half of the 80s. I was in the entertainment business as a publisher, producer and concert agent. If you want to know what I am doing these days click here >

I produced for my own 2 labels (AMAYANA > and AAR >) and I licensed whole albums or single tunes to large record companies i.e Sony Japan, Bellaphon Germany or Music Box, Greece.

Still having lots of unpublished tape material I am planning to put it out as vinyl or CD or both. Plans are also underway to digitize the old analop multitrack tapes and issue CDs.
I do have small stocks of records which I am selling here > for very moderate prices. Some of my albums are extremely rare to be found as new, unused albums and for some of my albums I have seen offers of up to several hundred US dollars on the web.

Music Production

I had the honor and pleasure of working with some of the finest musicians on the european market. My philosophy was to promote those artists, groups and bands who deserved to be heard on record because of their talents and creativity. Most of them were declined by the big record labels. Some of them got very big after release of either my album with them or a tour which draw the attention of the big labels.

Music Publishing

Most of the recorded material was also published by "helm-music" , my publishing 'wing'. My recorded music was and is still played in radio stations, discos and pubs around the world. TV-productions use and used my music as background music for documentaries. I can see this from the GEMA- and GVL-royalties. Swedish radio used the lyrics of some Eulenspygel > tunes for their German language education broadcasts and books. Sinto > music is one of the favorites in some popular pubs in London UK.

Booking Agency

From the 70s until around 1986 I was also running a music agency acting as booking agent for many bands and musicians, some of which are very famous today. We organized tours throughout Europe in concert halls as well as in the club-scene. For the US-forces in Europe we had a license as so-called ¨USAREUR Accredited Contractor¨. The managers of the NCO-, EM-, Officiers Clubs and Recreation Centres of US Army, Navy and Airforce throughout Europe could (and they did) book music from us through a catalog, which listed in it´s peak more than 120 acts, musicians and bands. These days live music was very popular and it was not uncommon that we had 100 performances booked just in one week (that´s why we needed computers). We also booked for the Canadian Forces. Many german-wide and internationally known artists and groups started their career in these US-clubs. One of the first groups I discovered and contracted was a trio from munich called STUMMICK, which changed (during playing for us at the US-clubs) to a 4-piece- (later 5-piece) formation and the new name SPIDER MURPHY GANG >. Another famous superstar-group today is PUR > , which performed through my agency in the 80s (with the name ¨Moonstone¨). Everyone in German speaking countries knows SPIDER MURPHY GANG and PUR today. They are really superstars. I am quite proud of these guys that they made it to the top starting in my tiny agency. Some of the other bands and artists working for and through the agency also became very successful in the public and I produced them on records, i.e. MICKEY RODENT BAND > , GEORGE & LUCKY RIDERS > , KEN RHODES > .
All this bookings where paid on $-basis and had to be changed into local currency to pay the bands.. In the mid-80s the exchange-rate worsened dramatically and when the famous US-lybia (gaddaffi) crisis raised, the US-forces closed their clubs and didn´t hire any bands or extremely fewer. The agency had to be given up. I am still in contact with many of these bands/musician and we remember the ¨good ol´ times¨ when live-music was much more common than today. Not to forget to mention my right hand agency-booker Elke. A incomplete list of bands and musicians >

guenther sigl

Guenther Sigl ( Spider Murphy Gang ) meets Heinz after almost 40 years

guenther sigl

Barney ( Spider Murphy Gang ) meets Heinz after almost 40 years

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