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amayana a 4504 amayana a 4504   A 4504 Ex Ovo Pro
"european spassvogel"


European Spassvogel

Mr.& Mrs. Scrooples Lament

What's the deal

It's rainin' in my house

Don't forget the master

In a locrian mood

Happy sounds

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Ex Ovo Pro "european spassvogel" LP, September 1976
Produced by Heinz Ulm
With: Hans Kraus-Hübner, Roland Bankel, Max Köhler, Harald Pompl, Mandi Riedelbauch
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A fine German fusion band from the late 1970s playing a typical Eurofusion with melodic wind lines (generally supplied by sax with some flute), some good deep grooves and acidy guitar solos. The group strives for its own specific musical expression. Rock, Swing and the incorporation of Latin-American rhythms gives the group its special "feeling". The vitality of its improvisations aims at the detection and conveyance of the utmost personal emotions. The improvisation is carried out in a modal way by sequences of harmonies or in free, spontanuous cooperation.


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