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AAR 5052


aar 5050 aar 5050   AAR 5052 Jonathan


Li Song

Raising Winds

Funky’s Visit


Moved Earth

Stormy Days


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Jonathan "Jonathan" LP, May 1978
Produced by Heinz Ulm
With: Helmut Grab, (Minimoog, Rhodes, Roland, Solina),
Peter Garattoni, (drums)

After it’s very successful release, this album was also licenced by Bellaphon Records, where it was manufactured with the same cover artwork and LP number BBS 2583 >. Another release of this album was in Greece on the "music box"-label with order number SMB 40081. A curiosity is that the front-side of the album is the same color artwork like on our original, the backside of the cover is in black-white only.
Helmut Grab's (now: Shantiprem) Website >.


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