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AAR 5054


aar 5054 aar 5054   AAR 5054
George & Lucky Riders
"Backdoors of the Honky Tonks"


Tequila Sheila

Satin Sheets

Lonestar Beer And Bob Wills Music

Some Broken Hearts Never Mend

Coca Cola Cowboy

Hey Good Lookin’

Backdoors Of The Honky Tonks

You’re My Best Friend

Talkin’ Tequila Blues

Rocky Top

Up Against The Wall

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George & Lucky Riders "Backdoors of the Honky Tonks" LP, C & W, August 1981
Produced by Heinz Ulm
With: George B. Isenmann, Fredy Kreim, Ralph Trautner, Peter Kretzschmar, Robert "Theo" Lehl, Edith Prock, Günther-Eric Thöner, John Purdue

George & Lucky Riders have won the Marlboro Country Music Festival as "Best German Country Band" and appeared also on
Marlboro’s LP "Marlboro Country Music Festival 1981" >


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