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Payment Options and order process

Payment in advance is required. I am shipping the goods the same day the money arrives.

Sorry, but I don't have a credit card facility. BUT I do have a paypal account. I prefer payments via paypal, because paypal notifies me about your payment via email which reaches me wherever I am travelling. And I am travelling a lot.
Some customers are sending an IMO (International Money Order). Some have sent a Western Union cheque, which worked as well. The only problem with Western Union cheques is, that I must drive to another town to cash it. It might take an extra day or two until the goods leave in that case. And when I am travelling it takes a while until I can cash the cheque or the money order. That's why I prefer paypal.

Some have made a western union money transfer. In that case, let us know the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), please. Sometimes those transfers get to the wrong agent inside Germany. The re-routing takes some time and we must drive to another town for picking the money up, but that's ok.

Very few were sending the money in cash (at their own risk) with registered mail.

Regarding the shipping expenses:

I need to know exactly what and in which quantities you order. The weight differs on each album, cause some have a double-cover. Most weights can be found now in my pdf-pricelist > . (the weight for the packaging material is there as well)

If the shipping weight is over 2 kilogramms then it depends on the weight, the country and more. Let me know.


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