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opus LP Cover   Opus
"Vorsicht Zerbrechlich"

LP from OPUS (now called PUR ), 'Vorsicht Zerbrechlich', 1985, Teldec 66.23632, first german pressing

weiss lp cover   Häns'che Weiss

LP 'Couleurs', Häns'che Weiss, CC-Records, CCR 2081, January 1981, first german pressing; the last 10 albums
With: Häns'che Weiss, Martin Weiss, Romani Weiss, Hans Hartmann, Walter Buri, Dieter Goal, Trilok Gurtu, Albert Mair
bartosh lp cover   BARTOSH
"Bartosh and the banned"

Arrow Records G84-01, LP,
Produced by Martin Pearson
With: Gerald Bartosh, Flo Ruppert, Manni Dietze, Frank Horvath, Frank Ziener, Jack Conrad, Peter Blatti, Remo Kessler, Peter Glanzmann, Kim Powers, Martin Pearson, Adrian JR. Brotshi, Michel Muller, Roger Schneeberger, Tommy Grabherr, Wilfried DeBrecy
"Bartosh and the banned" on YouTube >

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Country Music Festival 1980

MARLBORO Country Music Festival 1980, Circus-Krone, Munich, LP, Oct 1980,
Produced by Philip Morris
LP in a Double-Cover
With: Nipso Brandtner & Train, Steel, George & Lucky Riders, McHill's Woodland Company, Blue Moon Of Kentucky, Flophouse String Band, Head Over Heels, Steier Brothers & Company, Bluegrass Unlimited
  Hannes Beckmann & SINTO
'Intercontinental Reflections'

PTA Label, PTA 333-0210, LC 8309, LP, August 1983,
Produced by Hannes Beckmann with the help of Sinto
first german pressing; the last album !
Latin dances and european dreams
With: Hannes Beckmann, Pery dos Santos, Charles Campbell, Edir dos Santos, Woody Schabata, Dooley Richardson
This record is dedicated to Martin Luther King
  Kid Murphy Band

PAS 10 021 KM, LP, April 1982
Produced by Manfred Radtke and Kid Murphy
With: Chris Sutcliffe, Mike Viertel, Joseph 'JoJo' Duszysnki, Edi Zacherl, Bernie Kirchof, Special guest Michael Hawk

  Matter Of Taste
'it's only a matter of taste'

Flame Label, FL 44010, LC 6919
Produced 1979 by Matter Of Taste and Gibbs Platen
With: Fritz Haug, Katrin Haug, Capo Meyer, Bernd Steiner, Clemens Winterhalter, Uli Bül,
Special guests Helmut Grab, Abduhl Waahid, Albert Mayer, Dieter Fuchs
Website Katrin Haug >
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