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"Sonho Negro"


Man On The Banks

Sonho Negro

Paz E Amor

Cosa Rica

Feeling Right

Vida Na Terra

Vamos Par Georgia

Outra Vez

Klick und kurz Reinhören !
Sinto "Sonho Negro" LP, April/May 1978
Produzent: Heinz Ulm
Mit: Hannes Beckmann, Charles Campbell, Johannes Faber, Anatol Gerasimov, Felicia King, Jimmy Polivka, Ken Rhodes, Edir dos Santos, Pery dos Santos, Ken Taylor

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There are just a few original albums left. An alternativ would be the re-issues on the "Spinning Wheel"-Label. The Sinto-LP was also licensed to Spinning Wheel and they produced an album and a CD. Both album and CD are not produced anymore and we are selling the last pieces of those stocks. However, please note, this is a re-issue, and not the very first issue, which was on our AMAYANA-label only. Buying the cheap reissue CD or LP would give you a riskfree chance to listen to their music before you buy the expensive original version. If you buy the reissue-CD or LP and later (within 3 months) the original LP, we will deduct 10 Euros from the price


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